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ACS understands that creating a great culture within an organisation has a direct effect on its performance. When people move together in numbers with the same intention, they can achieve extraordinary outcomes. On the contrary, when people are stressed, their behaviour can become erratic. This behaviour not only affects decision making, but it also impacts others negatively, creating an adverse effect on productivity.

Our team have been helping organisations develop deep cultural foundations for over 25 years. When people are relaxed, they have space to be more tolerant of others, focus on tasks more efficiently and listen better, amongst many other benefits.

Like starling birds, when people move in sycronicity the most amazing energy is created.

Our team can work with you to create a program that will help your people connect with themselves, which will help them connect with others on a deeper level.

Customise programs for:
  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • Organisations
  • Clubs
  • Other Events
  • Charities
Benefits for your people:
  • Connect to yourself - The deeper we connect with ourselves, the deeper we can connect with others
  • Healing the body and mind - We make better decisions when we are in a calm, relaxed state
  • Transcend - More confidence and better attitudes
  • Tibetan Sound Healing - Tap in to our creative selves for different perspectives
  • Unify - Experience deep relaxation with other in your teams
  • Culture - Understand how to create a great culture.

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