Flow State

Full day

Unwind the mind, Explore a new world and find you

Reset your energetic baseline

In our busy lives we accumulate micro stresses and tension on a daily basis. We completely fill our time with work, family, social events, exercise, hobbies, chores, digital device time, the list goes on... all of which inhibits downtime for us to process our emotions and regulate our delicate nervous systems.

This series of one day events has been designed to clear your mind, ease tension and begin to help activate your parasympathetic nervous system, leaving you feeling re-energised and lighter.

By purifying heavy energy we have more space for new positive experiences.

Through a combination of eastern and western concepts that will gently expand your awareness, you will find yourself exploring new ways that will assist you to live with significantly less stress. discover how to come out of your busy life acquiring tools to help you regulate in daily situations.

The FLOW STATE experience includes:
  • Stretch - light Yin Yoga to come back into your body, no previous experience required.
  • Zen out to Tibetan Sound Healing - Transcend heavy energy to the relaxing singing, meditative sounds of ancient Tibetan bowls.
  • Relax - Unwind your mind to find your true energetic baseline.
  • Meditate - Explore different meditation techniques to settle the mind and find more stillness and peace.
  • Experience Hypnosis - Bring the two brain hemisphere into alignment through a relaxing hypnosis experience.
  • Open your mind - Learn about your nervous system to retain higher levels of energy and dissolve stress from the body and mind.
  • Explore - Open up to ancient integrated wisdom for self connection, finding inner calmness and creativity, learn to see life in a new light.
  • Nourish - Eat like the yogis - enjoy delicious vegan food, made with love and good intention, based on yogic (sattvic) principles. Lunch, morning tea, afternoon tea all included as well as tea and coffee.
  • Increase your vibrational energy through Mantras - Learn how sacred sounds can heal.
  • Feel lighter - Learn strategies to reduce stress and fight the accumulative effects of continuous stress on the body.

Our intentions for you

This event is inspired by meeting clients in our consultations, healings and events who feel like they have hit a wall and lost direction. They are either exhausted, energetically disorientated, struggling financially, feel alone, emotionally and physically unwell or struggling to find purpose. Our intention is to shift you to a new place in your life, no matter where you are at, by healing the past and setting the right path for the future, a future that is fulfilling and purposeful.

Yummy Eats - Vegetarian meals based on Ayurvedic Principles

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea

Retreat Dates

4th November, 2022

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Flow State Full day Retreat

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