Innervate® - 6 week program

Transform your










Transform your life. Invigorate your living.

with Mark Goudie

Transform your life. Invigorate your living.

The Innervate® 6 week program transforms the lives of those who are looking for more. Through a combination of philosophy, metaphysical teachings and workshops, you will learn the fundamental principles of the universe that will help to unveil your true nature.

Imagine understanding who you are behind your identity.
How free would you feel?
Imagine knowing your innate gifts.
What would you do?
Imagine breaking through your limits to transform your life with divine purpose.
What would life look like?

Reigniting your Soul

Our soul encapsulates our total existence and our true essence. It is derived from our relationship with our mind, body, thoughts, feelings, behaviours and our environment. Throughout our lives we banish parts of ourselves that we cannot accept which fragments our soul. This happens from generations of conditioning of what is believed to be ‘good or bad’.

In this immersive self-actualisation process you will reunite your soul, discover your unique true nature and transcend old ways, behaviours, thoughts and feelings, allowing the new you to emerge. It’s a total internal renovation. Once you innervate® your world will be transformed forever and you will experience life like never before.

Transform yourself.
Transform your life.

When you transform yourself internally, everything externally changes.

  • Transform your relationships
  • Transform your self-awareness
  • Transform your beliefs
  • Transform your wellbeing
  • Transform your spirit
  • Transform your energy
  • Transform your career and/or business

It’s amazing what we already know. Many lifetimes of internal wisdom ingrained in our DNA. We just need a roadmap to find it.

Building a roadmap

Once you have a clearer picture of your true nature and innate gifts, we start to build a roadmap for the areas in your life that you would like to change. This road map helps you to discover what is important to you, how it is purposeful and what is necessary for it to happen.

This road map will help you manifest what is purposeful to you in life and help you stay true to that purpose.

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