Iridology Workshop

Introduction to emotional iridology workshop

Learn to see yourself. Learn to see others.

Even your parents, grandparents or children have eyes which are not 100% similar to yours.

You are a unique individual. Through the fascinating emotional health insight of Emotional Iridology recognising constitutional and accumulated structural signs in the iris, you can get to know yourself on a much deeper level. Learning, recognising, and assessing the iris, can help you better understand not only your own inherited emotional constitution or ‘emotional default’ but also your family’s, your friends’ and colleagues’ behaviour and emotional triggers.

Iridology is the study of health via an examination of the colour and structure of the iris, the sclera (the 'white' around the iris) and the pupil. It is a valuable tool many natural health practitioners use, which helps detect inherent health and emotional predispositions. The colour and structure of our eyes reflect our genetic inheritance. This can be expressed on a physical level as well as an emotional one.

In a full day Emotional Iridology workshop, Maya Brosnan will share with you the insights to better emotional health for you and your family by introducing you to the magical world of the iris, which can hold the key to not only better health, but also to better relationships and better communication. You will learn to maximise your constitutionally inherited gifts, while overcoming and growing from emotional nurture points or trauma.

"This incredible insight opened my eyes to all life around me on so many levels". Maya
Maya Brosnan Iridologist

About your host - Maya

Maya Brosnan (BHSc Nutritional Medicine), has been part of the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. She has been running a successful Naturopathic Nutrition clinic for over 13 years, using Iridology as one of the most significant tools in her patients’ physical and emotional health analysis. After completing her health science degree, Maya was fortunate enough to further study both physical and emotional iridology with one of the world’s leading integrated iridology leaders, Mrs Toni Miller.

Maya was completely fascinated by the science of iridology altogether, but once she was introduced to emotional iridology she was even more intrigued. Through the study of her and her family’s eyes she began her spiritual journey as she started on a new path of trauma healing and self nurturing. “This incredible insight opened my eyes to all life around me on so many levels. It is amazing how accurate emotional iridology can be. I owe my emotional freedom to Emotional Iridology and I feel I need to share it with the world”.

An introduction of Emotional Iridology:

Based on Rayid Iridology, during the Full Day Introduction to Emotional Iridology, Maya will share with you the following information:

  • How to assess the iris
  • Understanding the four major emotional iridology constitutions:
  • The Flower – the emotional type.
    The Jewel – the mental type.
    The Stream – the kinaesthetic type.
    The Flower Shaker – the extremist.
  • Learn ways to determine a constitution, constitutional defaults, communication, learning, fears, relationships, lessons, possible health concerns, constitutional gifts and nurture points, therapies, exercises, meditations and yoga poses to compliment each iris.
  • You will also get insight to additional signs in the iris:
  • The Ring of Harmony – “the counsellor”
    The Rings of Freedom – “the futuristic survivor”
    The Ring of Special Purpose – “the searcher of meaning”
    The Ring of Determination – “the opinionated believer”

Your investment - $220. Early Bird Special $195

Price also includes a health morning tea and afternoon tea, plus tea and coffee (BYO lunch or at local cafe).

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