The Mind

Exploring ADHD

Mark Goudie
4 min read

The medical language around ADHD sounds like; "A lack of adequate dopamine release from neurons in the prefrontal cortex, generally a genetically inherited trait, that contributes to neurological illness or syndrome".

To have this approach I suppose you need to come from the point of view that ‘nature’ has no purpose and people have no unique purpose. You have to ask the philosophical question, ‘am I a robot’ or ‘am I an intelligible soul’.

The medical faculty would say, ‘science is the key’, but at the simplest level, ‘why am I here’ science is not, science can only hypothesize. Therefore science can only help you so much.

If you consider that neurological differences are a problem or are deficient because they are lacking in chemicals, then you are missing so much of the story.

Is an empty cup, lacking in water, empty at all? Or is it only lacking in expectation.

It is like dissecting a leaf but forgetting its relationship with its tree.

The misunderstanding about all of this begins with the labels, diverse and NT (Neuro Typical). What is neuro typical? Typical to what you expect. It seems that the person (NT) who devised this language was unable to self-diagnose. Because in nature the opposite to divergence is convergence. So, where NT means nothing, convergence means everything because it defines natures balance.

Convergent individuals live in their conscious mind, where divergent individuals live in their unconscious. Now we are getting somewhere. Because if you understand this then everything falls into place. You then realise that the only problem is that this society, as defunct with nature as it is, expects every person to be convergent, which is unnatural.

So, if in life balance people are either convergent or divergent, then it’s possible in duality that 50% of people experience ADHD. And if there are 50% of divergent individuals, then it poses a question ‘what is typical?

Our whole social and economic system has been derived by convergence. How we learn, the way we work, how we think and the way we live our lives. If you contemplate the way we live deeply then you can really come unstuck, because many things we do really make no sense and have no purpose to a fulfilling life. For example, we learn geometry but we don't learn about relationships. We learn English, but we aren't taught how to communicate.

When society tries to force a square peg (divergent) through a round hole (convergent) with a mallet, the consequences are going to be horrendous. No wonder there is so much violent behaviour. If someone puts their foot on your head while you are under water, then you are going to be in conflict and struggle.

Society says, "you must perform", "you must achieve", "you must excel", at all costs and if you don't conform then you are ostracized, banished from the normal. But in the concept of performance you have to ask who am I performing for? Am I just a monkey (an individual), performing for the monkey handler (society)?

For divergent individuals little of this society or way of living makes sense. In fact, the divergent constitution prefers to live their life in randomness. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. But this way of living doesn’t sit well with a convergent society. The convergence construct lives systematically, highly focused and prioritised. People are looking to heighten their performance and focus as they believe that the key to life is progression.

In the realisation that if it is genetic then it’s probably for a purpose, our society could then focus on the acceptance and change societal ways, rather than focus on changing genetic characteristics.