For Property Managers: Stress is happening from every angle

Maya Brosnan
6 min read

Our lives have become so busy that it is now impossible to be stress free. We are experiencing stress like never before and it’s affecting us on many levels, ultimately undermining our health and wellbeing. There is much scientific evidence that now confers that stress is a major contributing factor to mental health, physical pain and chronic illness, so resolving stress has never been so important.

Property Manager Feedback

Interestingly, in our stress resolution retreats, many property managers are experiencing an overload of stress not only in their work environment, but mostly in their personal lives outside of work. The combination of stress from outside the workplace compounds exponentially with the high levels of stress and conflict that property managers experience every day in their working environment.

Another interesting response from property managers is that after they have experienced what it is like to be calm, they realised that before this moment, they had never truly experienced what it feels like to be to be deeply relaxed. Surprisingly, much of this feedback came from property managers in their twenties. It’s no wonder why there is such a high turnover rate of property managers, many leaving for other industries within 12 months.

Stress is happening in the foreground and background.

Stress is happening to us in the foreground and the background of our lives, but most of us are only privy to what stress is happening to us in the foreground. Specifically for property managers the undertaking of stress from high levels of conflict from customers, sees the people in this highly demanding industry in a high state of continual stress. Unknown to Property Managers at the time, many tenants have been stewing on property problems for an extended period and by the time they make their request, they are already in fight mode, ready to blast everyone in their path. #angryface.

If we are already stressed before entering a conflicting situation, studies show that we are less able to respond in a productive manner. Most of the time when we are at capacity, we are in fact fuelling the conflict and tension even further, causing further negative effects that ripple out into other areas of our lives.

When we experience high levels of stress, our behaviours change, making us react in many ways that can have a negative impact on our lives. Highly stressful situations can leave us exhausted mentally, emotionally and physically. In this state we can automatically look for ways to combat this unpleasant, overwhelming feeling, potentially leading us to seek refuge in alcohol, highly refined sugary or fatty foods, drugs, obsessive compulsive disorders, and many other impulsive behaviours that not only heavily affect our health but also our future and our environment.

Our stress can manifest or materialise unwanted circumstances in our lives. If we live with stress for long periods, this heavy energy can ooze out of us and create unnecessary conflict in our relationships at work and in our home life.

When accumulated, unprocessed stress can lead to a variety of health conditions and chronic illness. We haven’t been taught how to approach stress, nor have we been taught how to heal from it. Instead, we tend to distract ourselves by doing more so we don’t have to think about it. From this cycle you can easily see how stress can accumulate because we either don’t allow ourselves the time or we don’t understand how to resolve it.

Our health is more important than anything. It is not something we can necessarily buy back once the damage has been done. The good news is we can make positive steps towards resolving our stress through better understanding, taking action and deepening our self - awareness.

Having a health / wellness plan and solutions for resolving stress should be high on everyone’s list.