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Flow State

Reset your energetic baseline
Full DAY RETREAT. Click here for dates
This series of one day retreats has been designed to clear your mind, ease tension and begin to help activate your parasympathetic nervous system, leaving you feeling re-energised and lighter.

Through a combination of eastern and western concepts that will gently expand your awareness, you will find yourself exploring new ways that will assist you to live with significantly less stress. discover how to come out of your busy life acquiring tools to help you regulate in daily situations.
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Shifting States

Immerse yourself on a journey
of self discovery to shift your state.
3 DAY RETREAT. 21st - 23rd January 2022
Your hosts Maya Brosnan and Mark Goudie will provide you with the principles that will empower you to understand yourself on a whole new level. This transformative event will help you in every part of your life.

No matter your hurdle, our team will endeavour to help you resolve. Whether it's trauma, career issues, business, relationships, parenting, our expert healers and counsellors will assist in undoing the past so that you can move forward into the future with confidence.
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Unwind the mind and connect
with yourself and others.

3 HOUR EVENT. Monthly Click here for dates
This 3-4 hour twilight event has been designed for you to unwind after a busy week. It is a safe place to open up amongst like-minded people, where you can come out of your busy mind, relax and connect with yourself.