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Physical, Mental, Emotional Resolution

The conscious way

Health. The conscious way.

We help individuals rediscover their health through physical healing, mental adaptability and emotional resolution.
Through our natural medicine clinic, wellness retreats and transformational one-on-one program we set out to resolve all aspects of health.

Our unique approach is derived from the understanding that the physical, mental and emotional body are all interrelated. We strive to achieve balance and optimal health across all three, guiding the body back to equilibrium (homeostasis).

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ASC customer experiences
It was everything and so much more. I was very pleased.
Experience - Shifting States 3 Day Retreat
Maya and Mark are truly wonderful practitioners, who genuinely care about everyone around them. Their events are brilliant, you meet even more wonderful people, and always walk away feeling so much better than when you arrived. And holy heck Maya's cooking is to die for. I'm always looking forward to the next event. Do yourself a favour and check them out at least once, you will not regret it!
Experience - ASC Clinic, Flow State Retreat
Maya and Mark are a wealth of knowledge. Their single day program left me feeling light, relaxed and less stressed. I am excited to implement the tips and tools into my daily routine. Thanks so much guys!
Experience - Retreat
Mark and Maya are so amazing! They gave such insight into the stress of life and how to manage that on a day to day basis. I have implemented so many suggestions they gave me to manage stress. I can now relax more! Thank you so much.
Experience - Flow State Retreat

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Energy Flow
Hormonal imbalances
Skin Conditions
Anxiety and Depression
Mental Health
Self Discovery
Stress Resolution
Deeper Relationships
Self Awareness
Higher Creativity
Emotional Understanding
Better Life Decisions
Sleeping Problems
Bloating, IBS
New Motivation
Joint & Muscle Pain
Low Energy & Fatigue
Mood Disorders
Cardiovascular Health
Better Attitude